• LISA Airplane's Akoya LSA operates from water thanks to seafoil technology. (LISA Airplanes)
    LISA Airplane's Akoya LSA operates from water thanks to seafoil technology. (LISA Airplanes)

French manufacturer LISA Airplanes says it expects to start first deliveries of its multi surface Akoya LSA within a few months.

The Akoya is a two-seat LSA that has the ability to take off and land on water, snow or land, using patented Seafoil technology for operations on water and retractable wheels and skis for land and snow.

According to LISA Airplanes, the Akoya was designed to "create an 'all-terrain' aircraft that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, easy to fly and performs well. In short, a high-quality aircraft that does not compromise on performance.

"To achieve this goal, the LISA team had to employ all its ingenuity and go beyond the traditional boundaries of aviation."

The Akoya has no conventional hull nor step, relying on the Seafoils to drive the fuselage out of the water at relatively low speed. This design means the aircraft doesn't sacrifice aerodynamics to be stable on water. According to the company, the Seafoils buffer lapping waves to increase stability, even in rough seas.

"LISA’s customers are seduced by the wide range of places accessible with the AKOYA and come from all over the world," the company says. "North America, where the aviation community is huge, is the main market for the AKOYA. Asia with the emerging Chinese market represents an impressive potential for the French company.

"AKOYA meets with great success in its homeland Europe as well, where the variety of terrain and climates offers an excellent playground for this amphibious skiplane."

Powered by a Rotax 912 ULS, the Akoya has a maximum take-off weight of 650 kg, max speed of 135 KTAS and a range at best economy of 670 nm. The aircraft has an electrically-operated canopy and folding wings, and is made largely of carbon fibre with titanium and aluminium in some of the mechanical systems. An airframe parachute is fitted as standard.

The cockpit features a 250 mm EFIS screen with GPS navigator and back-up analogue ASI and altimeter. The interior was designed with comfort, space and visibility in mind.

LISA Airplanes has designed the Akoya to comply with Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) rules, which means it has a maximum take-off weight of 650 kg for aircraft that operate from water.

LISA Airplanes was founded in 2004, and launched the Akoya program two years later. The first flight was conducted in August 2007 from Chambery Savoie Airport in France. The aircraft and technology has been in development now for 10 years.

The price for an Akoya is expected to be over $US350,000.

More information on the Akoya is on the LISA Airplanes website.


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