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CASA today opened consultation on the future policy surrounding aviation medical standards, which contains the option to introduce self-declared medicals for private operations.

Recreational pilots have had self-declared medicals for many years, which has continued to be a sore point with private pilots who fly the same, or similar, aircraft, but have been subject to CASA medical examinations to stay in the air.

The consultation is part of the review of CASR Part 67, which covers the requirements of all medical standards.

"Our review of the aviation medical rules aims to simplify and modernise our overall approach to medical certification," CASA stated today. "It follows work done over several years to improve and reform aviation medicine through a tiered approach to risk management.

"This considers how we can make it easy and simple for private pilots to get in the air and stay flying. It allows us to focus effort on higher risk activities such as passenger transport."

The consultation focuses on six areas:

  • examining Part 67 to ensure it is up to date and fit for purpose
  • assessing the implementation and outcomes of Basic Class 2
  • determining the effectiveness of CASA delegations to DAMEs and whether these could be extended or improved, or whether DAMEs can be given direct authority under the regulations to issue medical certificates
  • considering other areas of aviation activity where medical certification could improve safety outcomes
  • establishing whether the current structure of medical certification for recreational aviation is fit for purpose
  • considering any other relevant matters.

Part 67 has been under review by a CASA technical working group (TWG), which forms the basis of much of the consultation. Among the options coming from the TWG are removing the requirement for medical examinations for PPLs, enshrining the principles of the Basic Class 2 into Part 67 and expanding DAME delegations to allow them to do more.

The consultation covers not only standards for PPLs, but also for drone pilots and flying instructors.

Feedback to the Part 67 consultation can be submitted to CASA through the Consultation Hub on the CASA website.

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