• Oxai Aircraft's carbon-fibre M2 Skywave amphibian. (Oxai Aircraft)
    Oxai Aircraft's carbon-fibre M2 Skywave amphibian. (Oxai Aircraft)

Chinese manufacturer Oxai Aircraft will display the first M2 Skywave amphibious LSA at the Australian International Airshow next month.

The M2 is a carbon-fibre two-seat aircraft designed very much in the Icon A5 mould, with a single Rotax engine in the pusher configuration and a high wing. With repositionable undercart, the Skywave will be certified to 650 kg MTOW.

Operating from their own airport near Shanghai, Oxai is preparing for a push into major markets, with the aircraft's appearance at Avalon a prelude to an example being flown to Airventure at Oshkosh in July.

Oxai General Manager Toby Li told Australian Flying that he felt the aircraft would have a lot of appeal for Australian customers.

"It's amphibious," he said,"and a very nice looking aircraft. It comes with quite a few avionics options and an airframe parachute option as well.

"The wings can be removed in around 20 minutes and the side-pods removed if you don't want to land on water. Removing the side pods adds around 3 knots to the speed."

Projected speeds show the M2 cruising at around 95 knots at 75% power using 15 lph. The example to be on display at Avalon will have dual Garmin G3X screens with a G5 back-up.

Engine options include the Rotax 912is or 915 turbo.

Although there are obvious similarities to the Icon A5, Oxai is keen to avoid direct comparisons, believing their aircraft is a completely different machine that is more stable in the air.

The first example, to be registered with RAAus as experimental, is due in Australia in early February and after Avalon will undergo water testing. Oxai is aiming to produce aircraft that can be 23- or 24-registered.

Oxai's major marketing push for the year will be via a flight from Shanghai to Oshkosh westward via Dubai. The flight is expected to take one-and-a-half months and include 14 stops.

More information on the M2 Skywave is on the Oxai Aircraft website.

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