• Brumby 600 Light Sport Aircraft. (Brumby Aircraft)
    Brumby 600 Light Sport Aircraft. (Brumby Aircraft)

New maximum take-off weight limits proposed for Approval Self-administering Aviation Organisations (ASAO) will not be applied to aircraft certified as light sport aircraft (LSA).

A new MTOW of 760 kg is currently in the pipeline for ASAOs, but won't be applied to aircraft certified as LSAs because there is no proposal to change the definition of LSA, which limits certification to 600 kg MTOW.

"The current proposal is for the establishment of a new operating classification within an ASAO's safety system to permit the management of operations of aircraft with a higher MTOW (760 kg) being above the current limitation (contained in CAO 95.55) of 600 kg for aeroplanes that are not equipped to land on water and 650 kg for those aeroplanes equipped to land on water," a CASA spokesperson explained.

"The LSA Standard is an established standard that has been developed by ASTM International (formerly The American Society for Testing and Materials). ASTM International is a globally recognised leader in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards utilised across a number of industries, including aviation.
"CASA is not seeking, nor would it be permitted, to make changes to any of the ASTM requirements (including the weight limitations) of the LSA standard.
"No changes will be considered to the certification basis or the standards that the aircraft are manufactured to."
Many popular aircraft registered with both RAAus and CASA are certified as LSAs.
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