Melbourne-based aerospace manufacturer Kite Magnetics has celebrated the official opening of their Green Aviation Test Facility. The technological showcase displayed Kite Magnetics' electric motor testing capabilities, including anin-house designed and built dynamometer and thrust stand.

During the event, VIPs were also treated to a view of Kite’s 120 kW electric engine in action. Their first product, called the KM-120, is now undergoing extensive performanc eevaluation and reliability testing in preparation for flight testing in early 2024. 

Kite Magnetics KM-120 Electric Propulsion System, which is small enough to fit in a packed travel suitcase but more powerful than most small cars, includes an 800V inverter and an air-cooled gearless electric motor with variable pitch propeller support. Designed for fixed-wing electric training aircraft and the emerging eVTOL market, their system leverages their proprietary Aeroperm™magnetic materials technology to reach efficiencies greater than 98%.

Dr. Richard Parsons, Founder and CEO of Kite Magnetics, presented a sneak peek into their plans for future product expansion and to spoke to the benefits of their Aeroperm™ technology. “Aeroperm™", which has a 10 times reduction in energy loss, enables motors to be smaller, lighter and more efficient.

"It is this technology that will enable us to make electric aircraft engines that will one daypower all of us into the sky," said Dr. Parsons. He also expressed immense pride in the rapid progress of his engineering team. “In under 12 months and for less than 1 million USD we have progressed from an empty warehouse to a world-class test facility and a rapidly growing product line-up”.

The event also included presentations from key customers and cornerstone investors such as Breakthrough Victoria, the Victorian Government’s 2 billion dollar investment fund, who welcomed the aviation industry's pressing need for change in light of global climate change.

Kite Magnetics' grand opening event signifies a historic moment in sustainable aviation, showcasing not only ground-breaking technology but also dedication to propelling the aerospace industry toward a sustainable future and becoming a world-renowned OEM engine manufacturer. 

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