• Garmin's new aera 760 GPS unit. (Garmin)
    Garmin's new aera 760 GPS unit. (Garmin)

Garmin this week announced the introduction of their new aera 760 portable aviation GPS.

The aera 760 is a premium unit that is purpose-built for cockpits. It boasts a 178-mm, sunlight-readable touchscreen display with chart options, options to load instrument procedures, arrivals and departures, approach chart overlay on the map and the option to integrate it with select Garmin avionics.

“On behalf of our innovative and nimble TeamX gang of aviation enthusiasts, we’re excited to introduce the latest edition to the distinguished family of Garmin portable GPS products, the feature-packed aera 760,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

“For nearly three decades, Garmin has sold hundreds of thousands of portable GPS products for aircraft big and small. Building upon our acclaimed portable aviation GPS line-up, the aera 760 has the most robust aviation feature set to-date, that is designed exclusively by pilots – for pilots.”

Pilots can load departures, arrivals and instrument approach procedures within a flight plan into the aera 760, which can be wirelessly transferred to a navigator in the cockpit. Once a procedure is loaded within the aera 760, pilots have the option to see the chart or overlay it on the moving map. IFR en route charts, VFR charts and Garmin FliteCharts are also geo-referenced. Jeppesen electronic charts are compatible with the aera 760 and give customers worldwide access to instrument approach chart information.

The aera 760 features a user-interface resembling that of many other Garmin products such as the GTN Xi series, G3X Touch and Garmin Pilot, enabling pilots to switch between multiple Garmin products in the cockpit. Capable of operating in harsh conditions, the aera 760 has also been tested and hardened to meet stringent temperature and vibration standards.

The new GPS is expected to be available in May and retail for around $US1599. More information is on the Garmin website.


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