Flighpath is Australia's premier magazine focusing on warbirds and antique aircraft. Now the November 2017 - January 2018 edition is on the shelves and ready for your eyes. The cover features a superb Rox Fox shot of Doug Hamilton's P-40N Warhawk, and beneath that is a range of wonderful feature articles and new stories to feed your interest in the world of classic aircraft.

Tsili Tsili Lily
Michael Claringbould examines the detailed interrogation of a Japanese radio gunner that revealed the struggles and decline of his bomber unit in New Guinea.

Joe Drage and his Airworld
The remarkable Australian aviation preservation pioneer Joe Drage passed away in early August 2017. James Kightly explains how Joe’s legacy lives on.

The Empire Strikes South
Research by Dr Tom Lewis OAM has revealed a precise picture of Japan’s air war against northern Australia. Peter Ingman describes the true extent of the campaign.

Family begins its Beech adventure
Darren ‘Motty’ Mottram captured the stunning Beech 18 VH-BHS ‘Miss Maple’ after its recent return to Australian skies.

"Bla Johan" Sweden’s Own
Although not one of the most famous aircraft of W.W.II, the SAAB B 17 was an important aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. Luigino Calario flew with the only flying survivor.

John Bailey – "Kittybomber" Pilot
Flightpath witnessed the moment when former WWII RAAF pilot John Bailey flew in a P-40 again. James Kightly explores this nonagenarian’s remarkable flying career.

Wrong Way Bomber
A navigational error over New Guinea was of a magnitude that has few peers. Michael Claringbould recounts a Mitchell crew’s misadventure.

Ford Aircraft in Australia
Neil Follett looks at yet another of the three-engine airliner types to have flown in Australia and its territories – the legendary Ford Trimotor.

Something out of nothing
Andy Wright discovers the lengths to which the men of the 89th Attack Squadron were prepared to go in order to make life in New Guinea a little easier.

Bolivian Beef Bomber
A long-term fascination for the B-17 Flying Fortress has culminated in the rejuvenation of a historic survivor. Andy Wright looks at the many faces of Starduster.


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