Flighpath is Australia's premier magazine focusing on warbirds and antique aircraft. Now the February-April 2018 edition is on the shelves and ready for your eyes. The cover features a superb Rox Fox shot of two of CAC's iconic Australian radials, a Ceres and a Winjeel. Beneath that is a range of wonderful feature articles and new stories to feed your interest in the world of classic aircraft.

Cobra Strikes
Well known for its early defensive role over New Guinea, the P-39 Airacobra was still flying operational sorties in 1944. Michael Claringbould explains why.

Flight Testing the Ceres
Derek Buckmaster looks at the early test flight and certification issues faced by the new cropduster in this edited extract from his new book.

An Audacious Strike
The wreckage of one of the RAAF's earliest Catalinas, a victim of the first strafing attack against Port Moresby, was rediscovered in 2003. Michael Claringbould looks at how the Japanese achieved the landmark mission on 28 February 1942.

Cessna’s Bamboo Bomber
The T-50 Bobcat was the first twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Cessna. American correspondent Roger Cain flew with a Bobcat that still earns its keep as a trainer.

Joe Drage’s Legacy
Following our tribute in the previous issue, James Kightly lists Joe Drage’s aircraft collection, compares then and now, and presents a unique memorial to the man and his aircraft.

The Wildcat of Portmore Lough
The restoration of a former Fleet Air Arm Grumman Wildcat in Northern Ireland has been underway for more than thirty years. Andy Wright discovers a project nearly 75 years in the making.

A Rare Man
Parts from a Royal Navy Grumman Wildcat have been placed on permanent display at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Nowra. Andy Wright looks at the Australian pilot who served for the entirety of WWII.

Airshows of Yesteryear
The airfield at Point Cook is well known as an exceptional airshow venue. James Kightly looks back at some of the major aviation events held there.

Typhoon revival
One of the most ambitious warbird restorations is gathering momentum in the UK. Mike Shreeve visits the exciting project aiming to return a Hawker Typhoon to the sky.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 60th
James Kightly looks at the notable history of the RAF’s famous heritage unit.

RAF Cosford Restoration Centre open
The RAF Museum Cosford’s Michael Beetham Conservation Centre was open to the public in November 2017. Nigel Hitchman reports on the progress of their current projects.

Brooklands Museum
We visit the museum’s major redevelopment, a new Flight Shed hangar, and the 1940 Bellman hangar that has become an Aircraft Factory experience.



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