Volume 28 Number 3, February–April 2017

Just in time for Avalon! The latest Flightpath issue is out now, showcasing the best of warbirds and antique aircraft in Australia. Sporting a brilliant image of a Cessna 195 in flight, this issue focuses on the forgotten aeroplane of the RAAF: the Hawker Hurricane.

C-47 flies the ‘Hump’ one last time

Former airline pilot Alan Searle and crew tell the story of taking ‘Dak’ VH-XUX over the ‘Hump’ to its new home at the Flying Tigers Museum in Guilin, China.

A Glimpse into Hell

Four Japanese groundcrew survived in the New Guinea jungle for nearly a decade after escaping Wewak in early April 1944. Michael Claringbould reveals the extent and tragedy of the Japanese losses through Allied aerial bombardments.

RAAF Hurricane Special Features

Secrets Revealed – 3 Squadron RAAF and the Hurricane

Gordon Birkett and Andy Wright recount the few months in 1941 when the RAAF’s famed 3 Squadron flew Hurricanes.

One of the Few

The first Australian flight of Hawker Hurricane VH-JFW was significant as it is believed to be the first time an Australian aircraft had been restored to honour an Australian who flew in the Battle of Britain. Kristen Alexander and Andy Wright look at one of the few.

Flight of the Hurricane

The first public display of Hurricane Mk.XII VH-JFW was celebrated with a well-attended airshow at Scone Airport.

Cactus Air Force

Luigino Caliaro visits the Cactus Air Force in Nevada to fly with a star of their collection, the OV-10 Bronco.

Antiquer’s Spring Fling

Editor Rob Fox attended the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia’s Spring Fly-in when forty vintage aircraft made the trip to Temora.

Memorial Hudson at Canberra Airport

The Australian War Memorial’s newly restored Lockheed Hudson Mk.IV was recently unveiled inside the Canberra Airport terminal. James Kightly looks at the history and restoration of A16-105.

The Superfortress in Preservation

With two examples of the B-29 Superfortress now flying, James Kightly delves into the type’s overlooked civil operated flyers.

Faith in Australia

The bleached, torn and vandalised remains of a once great aircraft were deliberately set on fire in 1945. Monty Tyrell recounts the story of the Avro Ten Faith in Australia.

The Hart(s) of Australian Aviation

Neil Follett studies three pioneers in Australian aviation: W.E. Hart, E.J. Hart, and J.R. Hart. Same name, no relation.

Deadly Compromise

When two USAAF squadrons of A-20G Havoc strafers headed for Babo’s hornet's nest of anti-aircraft guns, it was a mission that sacrificed Allied crews for little gain. Michael Claringbould describes how it typified the futility of much of the later Pacific aerial campaign.

Hiwa hau Maka!

Using beautifully clear images from the Air Force Museum of New Zealand’s collection, Andy Wright presents 486 Squadron RNZAF and some of its Hawker Tempests.

Polish Aviation Museum

Located on a former airfield first used for aviation in the late 19th century, the Polish Aviation Museum is an oft-overlooked gem in Europe’s aviation crown. Mike Shreeve visited Rakowice-Czyzyny to see for himself.


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