With only two issues to go, Flightpath magazine is clearly set to go out on a high! Volume 31, Number 1, August-October 2019 is a belter. With significant anniversaries like Normandy and the Berlin Airlift well covered, this issue is one that will have you reading it again and again. Well decorated with a brilliant Luigino Caliaro image of Hap-Penstance, the only C-41A built (serial 40-0070, N341A), this Flightpath also looks at both flying and static classic and vintage aircraft in great detail. Don't wait, go out and grab your copy now!

The New Kids on the Block
Aero Legends has become one of the premier providers of historic aviation experiences in the UK. Andrew Critchell talks to some of the people behind the operation and takes a look at the growing fleet of hard working classic aircraft.

North American A-36
Matt Willis
busts some myths about the earliest operational incarnation of the Mustang and details its short, but effective combat career with the USAAF in the Mediterranean and the China-Burma-India theatre.

Leading at the Front
The first Australian unit on the ground in France, following the Normandy landings, was 453 Squadron RAAF. Its Spitfire pilots were kept busy for the next few months as described by Adam Lunney.

Daks over Normandy
One of the greatest historic aviation adventures in recent years saw the gathering of many flying DC-3 variants, from across the northern hemisphere, in the UK and France. Luis Drummond headed to France to witness the events in Normandy.

Museums of Australian Aviation
As the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to hit the road or sky to visit your favourite aviation museum. Here’s a selection always worth a visit.

Two Boomers Missing
Two RAAF pilots and their CAC Boomerangs remain missing following an encounter with Japanese Army aircraft on 26 November 1943. Michael Claringbould looks at Japanese planning and operations of the day and the mystery still surrounding the loss of the Boomerangs.

We flew the Recce Typhoon
The Hawker Typhoon’s role as an excellent ground attack aircraft is well known. Colin Ford discusses a rare, partially successful variant and the only two Australians known to have flown it operationally.

The Vast Enterprise
Australia had the fourth largest air force in the world at the end of W.W.II. Tony Brady summarises Australia’s contribution to the Empire Air Training Scheme, highlighting the careers of several unsung heroes in the process.

Berlin Airlift 70
Stefan Schmoll
reports on the events held in Germany to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

"Ilyusha" of the Arctic
The recovery of lost aircraft from Russia’s many freshwater lakes continues to save important aircraft for future generations. Mark Sheppard reports on last year’s recovery of a substantially complete single-seat Il-2 Shturmovik.


Historic Australian Aircraft
Personal Effects

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