• Gympie Airport at Kybong, QLD. (Google Earth image)
    Gympie Airport at Kybong, QLD. (Google Earth image)

Sunshine Coast flying academy Flight Options will set up a training base at Gympie Airport dedicated to teaching people to fly for fun.

The Gympie facility will enable local student to work towards their Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) using Cessna 172s.

"Obtaining an RPL is a cost-effective way for the average person to achieve their pilot’s licence and involves learning a broad range of aircraft handling skills which can be used to fly friends and family safely and enjoyably throughout Australia," the announcement released today states.

“Flight Options Pilot Academy has made a significant investment in flight training and is the only flying school on Gympie Airport conducting initial general aviation training," said Flight Options Head of Operations,Tim Holland. "We aim to promote flying as a fun, satisfying pastime and a challenging pursuit. We are proud to contribute to the growth of aviation in the region."

According to Flight Options, Gympie Airport was a logical choice because of a community spirit at the airport, its location in uncontrolled airspace, no landing fees and proximity to an established training area. Good weather most of the year was also a factor.

The company believes the link to their Part 141 flying school at the Sunshine Coast will also benefit students wanting to further their flying careers, offering channels for PPL and CPL training as well as instrument and instructor ratings.

Gympie Airport is owned and run by Gympie Regional Council and is home to Gympie Aero Club, Gympie Gliding Club and Cumulus Airpark.

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