• The Piper 100 is based on the venerable PA28 airframe. (Piper Aircraft)
    The Piper 100 is based on the venerable PA28 airframe. (Piper Aircraft)

Piper Aircraft announced this week that the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA had issued the type certificate for the Pilot 100 basic trainer.

The Pilot 100 is a new aircraft that matches a PA-28 airframe with a 180-hp Continental motor and Garmin G3X avionics that sells for around $US300,000. The aircraft has only two seats, with an option for a third observer seat in the back.

“We are excited to add the Pilot 100 series to our training product line at a price point that provides optimal economics for all operators", said Piper President and CEO, Simon Caldecott.

“During these uncertain times, our team has continued to remain focused and has worked diligently to bring to market an aggressively priced, proven trainer that offers the advanced systems and performance that flight schools and airline programs of all sizes desire.”

The first aircraft, a IFR Pilot 100i, was delivered to launch customer American Flyers almost immediately after certification,

"The Piper Pilot 100i is the perfect mix of simplicity and technology," said American Flyers’ National Chief Pilot, Steven Daun. "The G3X avionics suite is the only glass platform that allows for toggling between round dial and tape displays in a touchscreen format. 

"This outperformed the G1000 suite on so many levels and was the primary reason we selected the Pilot 100i.”

More information on the Pilot 100 is on the Piper Aircraft website.

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