• The 500th Phenom 300 with Embraer staff. (Embraer Executive Jets)
    The 500th Phenom 300 with Embraer staff. (Embraer Executive Jets)

Embraer Executive Jets announced this week that it has delivered the 500th Phenom 300 corporate jet.

The milestone was reached after 10 years of production, making it the most popular light jet in its category.

The aircraft was delivered to US customer Freeman Pickett III, who collected it in a ceremony at Embraer's Melbourne, Florida, facility

“The Phenom 300 has fascinated customers since it entered the market and its tremendous popularity only challenges us even more to continue to deliver the ultimate customer experience,” said Michael Amalfitano, President and CEO, Embraer Executive Jets.

“This landmark delivery to a current Phenom 100 customer with prior fractional ownership experience further validates the true innovation that the Phenom 300 delivers to private owners, corporations and operators in the Access Economy.”

Embraer introduced the Phenom 300 after the smaller Phenom 100 went to market, but the 11-seat 300 currently out-sells the six-seat 100 by a ratio of four-to-one.

Phenom 300s are in operation in more than 30 countries, having accumulated more than 800,000 flight hours on over 600,000 flights over the past 10 years. Over the last five years, the Phenom 300 fleet has doubled in size, growing at a rate of just over 18% with its utilisation growth rate outpacing its fleet growth by 30%.



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