• Tecnam's P2012 Traveller production line at Capua, Italy. (Tecnam)
    Tecnam's P2012 Traveller production line at Capua, Italy. (Tecnam)

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued Italian manufacturer Tecnam with a type certificate for the P Twenty-Twelve (P2012) Traveller.

Tecnam announced certification of the 11-seat high-wing twin on 21 December, which paves the way for certification also from the Federal Aviation Administration to FAR 23.

“The EASA certification of P2012 Traveller takes marks a significant milestone for my Tecnam team, our very first commuter airline aircraft," said Tecnam CEO Paolo Pascale,

"We have embraced new challenges and developed new skills. I am very proud to lead one of the most innovative and growing global aviation companies and I dedicate this important achievement to Luigi and Giovanni Pascale brothers who started all this in 1948.”

Certification comes after a six-year development program. The aircraft, which runs two Lycoming TEO-540C1A six-cylinder turbo-charged piston engines, was the inspiration of Tecnam doyen Professore Luigi Pascale, who envisioned a modern replacement for legacy charter twins such as the Piper PA-31 Navajo/Chieftain series and the Cessna 400 series.

The first P2012 Traveller will be delivered to United States regional airline Cape Air in early 2019.

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