• BRM Aero's Bristell B23 has been certified by EASA. (BRM Aero)
    BRM Aero's Bristell B23 has been certified by EASA. (BRM Aero)

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) this week issued a type certificate for the BRM Aero Bristell B23.

Larger than the Classic Bristell LSA, the B23 has a maximum take-off weight of 750 kg and has been certified in the Normal category of FAR/CS 23.

Powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912 S3 engine, the B23 has a useful load of 315 kg and a maximum cruise speed of 117 KTAS.

In comparison to the Bristell LSA, the B23 is longer and the tail is larger, with an aluminium rudder. The flaps and stabiliser are bigger and the composite main gear legs have been redesigned to carry much higher loads than previous Bristell models.

“It is great trainer for flight schools worldwide,” said Milan Bristela, founder and CEO of the company. “The airplane looks very beautiful and when pilots or future pilots fly a Bristell, after a few minutes they love the airplane very much."

According to Bristell, the aircraft’s handling characteristics are "much improved."

"The B23 is a very good cruiser,” the company states. “The airframe is designed for long life and has a robust structure, which makes it particularly well-suited to flight training."

A steerable nosewheel and airframe parachute are included as standard and the aircraft can be upgraded for IFR flight. Standard avionics are Garmin G3X.

Bristell expects the B23 will retail for around 199,000.

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