• Diamond's DA 50 RG retractable, five-seat single. (Diamond Aircraft)
    Diamond's DA 50 RG retractable, five-seat single. (Diamond Aircraft)

Diamond Aircraft said yesterday that they expected their composite DA50 RG will be EASA type-certified by the end of the European Summer.

The DA50 RG is a five-seat, diesel-powered retractable that Diamond is putting up as an option for customers considering a Cirrus SR22. It began as a fixed-gear aircraft to be offered in several versions including a seven-seater, but the configuration was reviewed in March last year to include retractable undercarriage and a 300-hp Continental diesel instead of the 260-hp Safran originally chosen.

“We are very excited to be presenting the DA50 RG to the market," said Diamond CEO Liqun Zhang. "She is offering so much – space, efficiency, luxury, comfort, safety and retractable gear on a single piston aircraft that will make everyone really stand out. Plus, the extra benefits of operating a jet fuel powered aircraft – much lower emissions compared to leaded and even low leaded aviation fuels and saving many gallons of fuel and money due to excellent fuel efficiency.

"We are convinced that our all-new DA50 RG will be the new star on the piston single market for private pilots needing more seats and space and charter operators looking for a low-cost alternative.”

Diamond selected the Continental CD300 FADEC turbo-charged diesel for the DA50 to swing the MT three-bladed prop, giving a top speed of 181 KTAS, a range of 750 nm and a ceiling of 20,000 feet.

“Continental's CD-300 engine and valuable partnership with Diamond on the DA50 RG reinforces the global demand for jet-fueled piston aircraft in general aviation”, said Robert Stoppek, President and CEO of Continental Aerospace Technologies.

“The luxurious and modern carbon fibre constructed DA50 RG paired with the 300 horsepower Jet-A engine is redefining the expectations for GA aircraft."

The DA50 RG features gull-wing doors that lead to a large, luxurious cabin with a three-place bench seat in row two. Control inputs are through joysticks and the Continental is controlled though a single power level. Avionics are G1000 NXi with GFC700 autopilot.

Although Diamond is confident of EASA certification within the next couple of months, it is expected that the FAA won't issue a type certificate until late next year. The first deliveries to European customers are scheduled for the end of March 2021.

More information on the Diamond DA50 RG is on the Diamond Aircraft website.

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