• DeltaHawk's new 180-hp DH180A4 diesel. (DeltaHawk Engines)
    DeltaHawk's new 180-hp DH180A4 diesel. (DeltaHawk Engines)

US company Deltahawk Engines is confident its new 180-hp diesel engine will be ready to enter service next year.

The DH180A4 engine will burn turbine fuel at a rate the company says is 40% more efficient than avgas-fueled motors, and is smaller and rounder compared with traditional aircraft motors, which reduces the aerodynamic profile.

DeltaHawk believes that pilots and owners continue to demand engines that are simple, easy to maintain and efficient. With avgas supplies under threat in some regions of the world, the company is aiming to make the DH180A4 a market leader.

“This engine is designed by pilots, for pilots and purpose-built for aviation," said Christopher Ruud, DeltaHawk CEO. "The engine’s unique design features include redundancies in the air, cooling and fuel systems, and does not rely on the aircraft's electrical system for operation.

"These features provide an unprecedented level of safety and reliability at a very competitive cost."

DeltaHawk has invested significantly in the design of the DH180A4, developing a new head which is thought to be more efficient, simpler inspection and maintenance procedures, fewer parts, reduced weight and an exhaust system designed to enhance flow.

The engine will produce 180 hp at 2700 RPM, with a 75% figure of 135 hp. The 75% fuel consumption is quoted at 28 lph.

Certification work on the new diesel is progressing, and DeltaHawk is confident it will receive FAA certification next year.

More information is on the DeltaHawk Engines website.

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