• French manufacturer Dassault's Falcon 6X. (Dassault)
    French manufacturer Dassault's Falcon 6X. (Dassault)

French manufacturer Dassault yesterday announced details of a new long-range corporate jet scheduled to enter service in 2022.

The Falcon 6X will carry up to 16 passengers in a wide cabin and has a maximum range of 5500 nm at Mach 0.80 and 5100 nm at 0.85. The 6X is largely based on the Falcon 5X aerodynamics and systems, which have been optimised on the 6X to take advantage of the two 13,000-lb thrust Pratt & Whitney PW812D turbofans.

At high-speed cruise, the Falcon 6X will be capable of going Moscow to New York, Paris to Beijing, Shanghai to Melbourne and Los Angeles to London non stop.

“We wanted to further push the boundaries with this new aircraft, to provide the best flight experience possible using today’s aviation know-how,” said Eric Trappier, Chairman & CEO of Dassault Aviation. “The Falcon 6X will offer a mix of range, comfort and capability no other large cabin business jet can match while guaranteeing fully mature systems and a proven powerplant.”

Dassault has designed the 6X cabin to increase comfort levels, with a 2.58 x 2.0 metre cross-section capable of taking up to 16 passengers in three separate lounge areas. The design also calls for 28 windows to increase the view outside and allow for more natural light.

According to Dassault, the cockpit has been designed such that it will less congested for the pilots, whilst improving situational awareness. Standard systems in the 6X will include:

  • integrated EFBs
  • next-gen Digital Flight Control System (DFCS)
  • FalconEye combined vision system (CVS) that blends synthetic vision, enhanced vision and a Head-up Display (HUD)
  • avionics powered by Honeywell Primus Epic

The Falcon 6X will be equipped also with an ultra-efficient wing to minimise the impact of turbulence and flaperons. The 6X is the first business jet to use flaperons, which considerably improve control during approach, especially on steep descents. The aircraft also comes with industry leading noise suppression systems.

Dassault is targeting 2021 for the first flight of the Falcon 6X, with first deliveries to customers the following year.

More information on the Falcon 6X is on the Dassault website.




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