CTA: First Milestone Reached for RAAus

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Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (Steve Hitchen)


RAAus has announced to members the completion of the first milestone of the planned four stage process to permit RAAus members to access controlled airspace.

This step recognises the issue related to RAAus members who were trained at RAAus Flight Training Schools (FTS) in Class D or C airspace under a CASA Instrument. Previously once this training was complete, they were no longer permitted to operate in that airspace.

Working collaboratively with CASA Sport, RAAus announced progressive changes to these Instruments which will permit RAAus pilots to privately hire a FTS aircraft and operate into and out of the specific airspace related to the RAAus FTS.

 This change also provides flight schools at these airfields with an opportunity to earn additional revenue. There are a number of specific requirements, which are provided in a Fact Sheet, but in general terms include the RAAus pilot being trained and assessed at the nominated RAAus FTS, requiring the CFI to make a notation in the pilot’s logbook to confirm their competence in the airspace and only that specific airspace.

A spokesperson for RAAus said, “This initial access is a major step for RAAus members, allowing access to flight operations closer to major metropolitan airports and cities, along with having RAAus members provide evidence to CASA and industry of the maturity and professionalism of RAAus members.

“While this permits controlled airspace operations only in RAAus FTS aircraft, members can be assured RAAus continues to work with CASA Sport to further access to controlled airspace. Additionally, RAAus is working closely with the Department of Defence to further expand access to active military restricted airspace as part of our planned controlled airspace access. Finally RAAus is also committed to progressing the proposed increase in Maximum Take-Off Weight for member’s aircraft to an eventual 1500 kg.”



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