• Continental manufacturers a range of diesel engines for aviation. (Continental Motors)
    Continental manufacturers a range of diesel engines for aviation. (Continental Motors)

Continental Motors has expanded its range of aircraft diesel engines, announcing EASA certification for a 300 hp engine and adding 265 hp and 285 hp powerplants.

The CD-300 is a 3-litre V6 piston engine that develops 300 hp (221 kW) at 2340 RPM, and has a dry weight of 265 kg.

According to Continental Motors Group Vice President Engineering, Jürgen Schwarz, adding the CD-300 means the company now has a diesel to match most general aviation demands.

“For Continental Motors Group, the type certification of the CD-300 signifies a further milestone in the development of our Continental Diesel aircraft engine program. In conjunction with the CD-100 and CD-200 series engines, we now offer a diesel piston engine solution for all major general aviation aircraft categories.

“As with all Continental diesel engines, the CD-300 is designed using tried-and-trusted technology. With over 5500 diesel engines delivered in the field and over 5.25 million flight hours, Continental has demonstrated the reliability, performance, and maturity of its diesel engine range."

Continental has also added the 265-hp CD-265 for fixed-wing aircraft the 285-hp CD-285 for helicopters. Both are horizontally-opposed flat four engines derived from the CD-230 developed in 2012. The CD-265 develops its power at 2500 RPM, and the CD-285 at 2700 RPM. Both are direct-injection turbo engines.

“Our commitment to general aviation is to provide engines that are suited to our client’s needs," said Rhett Ross, President, and CEO of Continental Motors Group.

"In some regions of the world, our clients are requesting jet fuel engines because of avgas availability and its high cost. We intend to fulfill this need by offering a complete line of diesel cycle engines, covering all the needs expressed by our clients.

"This is true for fixed winged applications but also for rotary wing applications. Helicopter manufacturers are expressing more and more interest in Jet-A burning engines, and we worked hard to deliver the right solution to their requests.

"The CD-285 is a game changer as it offers an alternative to fuel hungry turbines, lowering total ownership costs and direct operating costs."

Both the CD-265 and CD-285 are under certification testing and are expected to be on the market in early 2018.

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