• Compair's 6.2 is a six-seat experimental aircraft capable of 185 KTAS. (Compair)
    Compair's 6.2 is a six-seat experimental aircraft capable of 185 KTAS. (Compair)

Florida-based experimental manufacturer Comp Air Aviation yesterday released details of a new six-seat high-wing kit aircraft capable of 185 KTAS, yet designed to be used on unimproved runways.

To be known as the Comp Air 6.2, the aircraft is a high-wing six-seater powered by a 325-hp Lycoming IO-580-AC1A piston engine swinging a three-bladed McCauley constant speed prop.

The main gear is fixed, which the company believes gives the 6.2 an advantage over retractables when it comes to operating from unsealed airports.

Construction is fully carbon composite, and according to the company, can be built in fewer hours than other experimentals in the same class.

"Whether you plan to build this aircraft yourself, or use a builder assistance program, the quick build features that are molded into the composite parts will get you airborne much faster than previous generations of composite experimentals," Comp Air has stated.

"Our new assembly techniques remove the need for complicated lamination techniques by joining formed parts with specialised adhesives, making this a robust, but light airframe."

An MTOW of 2041 kg and a basic empty weight of 1134 delivers a useful load of 907 kg. The maximum range is 840 nm with reserves.

Comp Air has been making composite kit aircraft for over 20 years, with around 200 of them powered by turbo-prop engines. The company is in the process of certifying their Comp Air 12 SETP.

Comp Air also manufactures the experimental Comp Air 9, which is powered by a Honeywell TPE331-12 turbine.

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