• CASA Flight Operations Inspectors on the job. (CASA)
    CASA Flight Operations Inspectors on the job. (CASA)

CASA today announced that it would soon conduct a second relationship survey to gauge how the aviation community rates the regulator.

CASA conducted their first relationship survey in 2015, which it placed in the hands of consultant company Colmar Brunton, slated to run the second survey also.

The Colmar Brunton report of 2016 showed that just 25% of respondents were satisfied with the regulator's performance, prompting CASA to issue a corrective action plan.

"It has been more than two years since the first survey of our relationships and interactions with the aviation community and it is now time to check how we’re tracking against the benchmark data we obtained in late 2015," today's CASA statement says.

"While we’ll be asking the same questions, we’ve fine-tuned our research approach to ensure we get a broad, representative set of views across all aviation sectors.

"CASA encourages everyone who is approached to give a little of their time to share their honest feedback. Hearing directly from the aviation community allows us to gain a frank view of what we’re doing well and what is working, as well as importantly where improvements need to made."

CASA will send out e-mails in early March asking aviation people to provide feedback to the survey, and will invite aviation associations to register their interest via the on-line consultation hub, from which a random selection will be asked to complete the survey.

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