• Faster Horses has completed the 2020 CASA Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. (Faster Horses)
    Faster Horses has completed the 2020 CASA Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey. (Faster Horses)

The results of the 2020 CASA stakeholder survey released this week have revealed an increase in the satisfaction level of only 0.1% over the 2018 results.

The survey–conducted by independent research company Faster Horses–showed a final satisfaction grading of 6.3 out of 10 compared to the 2018 result of 6.2.

Faster Horses collected responses from 755 stakeholders to determine the grading, which was a return of 11.4% from the 6600 survey invitations sent out. In 2018, 1168 responsed were gathered, a return of 17.7%.

CASA’s acting CEO and Director of Aviation Safety, Graeme Crawford, said the survey results showed there was still work to be done.

“While it is pleasing to see the ratings have remained largely steady, the results show to gain more support from the aviation community we have to improve across the board,” he said.

“The good news is that we have a program of work happening right now that is delivering positive change.

“There are initiatives underway to improve consistent information and decision making through the new centralised regulatory guidance service. Other initiatives include the expansion of online services in myCASA to enhance service delivery and the roll out of plain English guides to make it easier to understand and comply with regulations.

“We are also continuing to work with our staff to make sure they have all the relevant training and skills to regulate, educate and serve.”

“Our focus is on creating better systems and processes that deliver the results needed by the aviation community.”

Among the key findings from the survey were:

  • the average satisfaction rating for service delivery was 6.0/10, down only 0.2 from 2018
  • 49% of respondents said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with service delivery compared with 54% in 2018
  • there continues to be low agreement that CASA explains regulations clearly
  • 45% agree that CASA audits are critical to aviation safety and 41% believe the audits are done in a professional manner
  • only 33% of stakeholders agreed that CASA are consistent in their decision making
  • respondents continue to rate CASA poorly for industry consultation with an average of 5.5/10, largely the same as 2018 (5.6).

Results also showed that industry people were more dissatisfied after dealings with CASA staff than they were two years ago, and that satisfaction levels with CASA audit and compliance is at 36%, stable with the 2018 returns.

Faster Horses also conducted in-depth interviews with some respondents who expressed poor relationships with CASA, revealing:

  • that some believe they are operating safely in spite of CASA regulations
  • concerns about inconsistent answers or advice
  • frustrations over timeliness and transparency
  • that some find regulations hard to understand and accept
  • a damning perception of CASA culture, particularly when it comes to admitting error.

The survey was catapulted in to the limelight in November last year when AOPA Australia CEO Ben Morgan distributed the link for respondents to all industry contacts, not just the 6600 tagged to be sent the survey. This caused then CASA CEO Shane Carmody to delay the survey over fears it had been compromised.

The full Faster Horses report is available on the CASA website.

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