• CASA inspectors now have a new set of rules to operate by. (CASA)
    CASA inspectors now have a new set of rules to operate by. (CASA)

CASA CEO Shane Carmody has issued instructions to staff that will change the way CASA inspectors assess violations and enforce regulations.

The new instructions mean that individuals and operators will be given the chance to address and correct issues before CASA considers enforcement action, and that action will be considered only in cases of a deliberate or reckless violation.

CASA will also consider enforcement in instances of repeated violation or a failure on behalf of the person or operator to correct their actions.

According to CASA, the new instruction is part of the new "just culture" philosophy the regulator is putting in place in the wake of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review.

"It is vital that CASA does not simply talk about taking a 'just culture' approach to regulation but actively implements the principles into our day-to-day operations and decision making," Carmody said.

"Our rational 'just culture' approach means that where honest errors or mistakes are made CASA looks to support the efforts of individuals and organisations to make necessary improvements, correct identified problems and ensure safety risks are effectively managed in the process.

"Individuals and organisations with an understanding and commitment to safety need to take responsibility for addressing safety shortcomings and where they demonstrate the ability and willingness to do this CASA need not take action.

"CASA is encouraging a proactive approach to safety by the aviation community by clearly setting out how we will use safety information and the basis on which we will refrain from taking enforcement action based on that information.

"Of course, if the safety rules are deliberately flouted or action is not taken to address safety issues then CASA must and will take appropriate action."

"I am making it very clear to CASA staff and the aviation community that we will use information in the interests of safety and in a manner consistent with the 'just culture' principles reflected in our regulatory philosophy."

The new instruction also details how information may be used by CASA, operators and service providers, and lays out the options people and organisations have for challenging the way CASA uses information.

The full instruction is available from the link below.

CASA Enforcement Instruction 2017 



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