• CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody. (composite image: CASA/Bidgee)
    CASA CEO and Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody. (composite image: CASA/Bidgee)

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has promised flexibility in dealing with the aviation community as the industry stuggles to adapt to its new virus-induced reality.

In a statement issued this week, CASA Director of Aviation Safety and CEO Shane Carmody said the regulator recognised the need to adapt their approach to support operators.

"Since early January we have been closely tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and the effects it is having," Carmody said.

"In light of the most recent developments, I want to offer my support to you and your organisation, as you too come to grips with this unprecedented challenge.

"COVID-19 is expected to continue to disrupt business and flying operations for some time. It will also impact many of your staff in some way.

"I want to assure you that all of us at CASA are actively monitoring the situation in respect of the broader impacts on aviation safety.

"It is clear that during the next few months we will need to be flexible in the regulatory approach we take in order to support you. For that reason I urge you to review your permissions, authorisations, or authorised person details as soon as possible and reach out to your regional office directly to discuss any changes you may require. This will enable us to anticipate and effectively manage those requirements.

"You can expect the regional managers will respond by seeking information on the safety impacts of the proposed changes and measures you have in mind to mitigate any risks.

"We will work as closely as possible with you during this time to ensure aviation safety is maintained."

Many GA operators believe the industry is facing its greatest ever fight for survival, with tourist and charter operators around the country grounding aeroplanes and laying off staff as the impact of COVID-19 begins to bite.

AOPA Australia has called for government assistance to keep the GA industry viable until the situation can return to normal.

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