• BRM's B8 high-wing prototype. (BRM Aero)
    BRM's B8 high-wing prototype. (BRM Aero)

Czech manufacturer BRM Aero conducted a successful first flight of their new high-wing B8 last week.

The B8 is an all-metal, strutless high-wing that will be certified for a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg.

The first flight took 40 minutes, during which test pilot Mirek Rakusan checked the flight characteristics and stability, reporting after landing that the B8 "has big potential to be [a] very stable and fast aircraft."

Very few details of the B8 performance are currently available, but the empty weight is forecast to be around 350 kg and the manoeuvring speed 97 KTAS.

The aircraft will be fixed-gear with two main composite legs and a steerable nose wheel with hydraulic damper. Interestingly, BRM plans to offer the aircraft with either toe brakes or a hand brake.

BRM plans to offer the B8 with a Rotax 912iS 100-hp or ULS engine intially, with 914 and 915 iS versions expected in the future.

More information is on the BRM website.

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