• Australian EFB OzRunways has been bought by Boeing. (Andrew Andersen)
    Australian EFB OzRunways has been bought by Boeing. (Andrew Andersen)

Aviation giant Boeing has bought Australian electronic flight bag (EFB) app OzRunways, Boeing announced today.

Boeing will fold OzRunways into its Foreflight business to permit both applications to share information, but each EFB will continue to be developed and supported individually.

Boeing had Foreflight certified in Australia in February 2023, but the application failed to make significant ground against local EFBs OzRunways and AvPlan.

“OzRunways and ForeFlight have a common culture of innovation – creating software with a focus on intuitive, pilot-centric design,” said Bas Scheffers, co-founder and CEO at OzRunways.

“Now we are excited to join the ForeFlight team and collaborate on bringing even greater capabilities to pilots all over the globe.”

“As ForeFlight continues to look for ways to best serve customers today and long term, we will continue to strategically invest in new capabilities,” said Tim Schuetze, ForeFlight CEO.

“We look forward to the knowledge-sharing our companies can provide one another to help deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services to pilots and flight departments in the region.”

ForeFlight formed in 2007 to build software that makes flight planning and flying easier and safer. Its offerings are part of Boeing’s Digital Aviation Solutions business, which offers integrated digital products and services across all phases of flight. 

OzRunways was founded in Adelaide in 2010 as Australia's first home-grown EFB by Scheffers  and former RAAF pilot Rowan Willson. It has grown to have more than 22,000 subscribers world-wide.

The company says that OzRunways will continue to be developed in Adelaide.

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