• Pioneers of women's aviation in Australia, Senja Robey (left) with Nancy-Bird Walton.
    Pioneers of women's aviation in Australia, Senja Robey (left) with Nancy-Bird Walton.

Sydney's new international airport currently under construction will be named after one of Australia's pioneer women aviators.

The new airport will be named Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

Nancy-Bird Walton AO OBE was one of Australia's first female commercial pilots. She was taught to fly by Charles Kingsford Smith and went on to have a very colourful career flying in the outback, recounted in her biography My God, It's a Woman! Nancy was Commandant of the Womens Air Training Corps during World War II and in 1950 founded the still-thriving Australian Women Pilots Association (AWPA).

Prime Minister Scott Morrision said it was a natural choice to name WSA after her.

“It is fitting that having recognised Charles Kingsford Smith at Sydney Airport that we now recognise Australia's greatest female aviation pioneer, Nancy-Bird Walton, in the naming of Western Sydney Airport," he said.

“Nancy-Bird Walton was an inspiring and natural choice."

At the naming ceremony held yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack paid tribute to Nancy-Bird.

"The Prime Minister, the Premier [of NSW] and all of us are truly privileged that we’re here today, in the midst of Nancy-Bird’s family, her wonderful family, perhaps her greatest legacy, but this indeed is also a marvellous legacy for her, naming the airport after her…the Western Sydney International Airport, after Nancy-Bird Walton, is truly inspirational.

"It will draw inspiration for many, many years to come and it’s truly a great acknowledgement of a great Australian."

Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport is currently being built at Badgerys Creek and is scheduled to take its first arrivals in 2026.

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