Coming right at you is the September-October print edition of Australian Flying! Covered with a great shot of an antique but evocative Piper Comanche, this issue explores the panorama of general aviation from flight training to homebuilding and cockpit connectivity. Here's your pre-flight brief to get you heading to the newsagent.

Assuming the Mantle
Pip Spence has taken on what many believe is the hardest job in aviation. Steve Hitchen spoke with the new CASA Director of Aviation Safety about how she intends to tackle the tasks ahead.

Strength in Numbers
With many in the flight training industry feeling they are not well represented, there have been moves afoot to create a flight training association. Angela at Avalon did her own investigation.

Parts Unknown
When pilots are not familiar with a private airstrip there are many hazards to consider to operate there safely. Steve Hitchen did his homework before setting out for an unfamiiar airstrip and survived to tell this tale.

With your Own Two Hands
Kathy Mexted from the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia details the commitment and obligations needed to operate amateur-built aircraft according to the Australian rules.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis find some serious shortcomings in his night visual teaching and finds himself lumbered with a difficult aircraft owner that results in a ground loop.

The Connected Cockpit
Connectivity technology is advancing cockpit capability on a yearly basis. Kreisha Ballantyne examines devices prevalent in the cockpit and how the interact with each other to reduce pilot workload.

Neither Stranger nor Enemy
Tony Self looks back on the much-loved and very admired Piper Comanche series and examine the factors that caused the demise of such a great aeroplane.

And you'll also find: Editorial, Airmail, News, Rotors, Products, Good Sports, Safety Matters, Down to Business, What Can We Learn, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

They won't last forever unless you put it in your collection. Secure your copy today!

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