• Australian Flying September-October 2020.
    Australian Flying September-October 2020.

In the midst of a pandemic-fueled uncertainty there is one thing you can rely on: Australian Flying. Our latest issue is now complete and in the stores and the letterboxes. September-October is the perfect thing to complement your flying aspirations no matter what restrictions apply to you right now. We even transcend state borders! Have a look at what we're brought to the party this issue.

Uncertain Times
Coronavirus has infected general aviation as much as it has any industry, but just how bad is the malady? Angela at Avalon takes a look at what's happening out there and how operators and pilots have reacted to the challenges.

GA Singles: the State of Play
Australian Flying presents a guide to new piston single-engined aircraft. From the smallest two-seater to some very fast six-place people movers and everything in between, this is the guide you need when it comes to deciding which aircraft is the best fit for your missions.

A Commanding Presence
Rockwell's single-engined Commander has a certain mystique about it. Sleek with a sports-car style and fast to boot, they are held dear by those that own them. Tony Self recounts the story behind the Rockwell 112 and 114,

Reach for the Sky
Paul Southwick takes on the Command Instrument Rating test and along the way finds that it was everything that everyone told him it would be.

Lessons from a Logbook
Everybody knows a flying legend whose exploits form the basis for a good urban myth, but Jim Davis points out that as much fun as they are they're not always good role models.

What's Eating Your Aeroplane?
Insidious corrosion is constantly attacking the integrity of your aircraft's structure, inexorably driving it to catastrophic failure. Steve Hitchen examines the issue and finds that with some planning and TLC, all is not lost.

Magic in a Box
Garmin's aera 760 is being touted as a complete cockpit solution in a box, but does it offer more than an iPad? Paul Southwick borrowed one from Garmin and took it for a test fly to see how it performed on the job.

Plus Editorial, Airmail, News, Products, A Spot of Recreation, Safety Matters, Down to Business, What Can We Learn, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

Get out there and get it soonest your legs can take you!

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