Australian Flying November-December 2020 is right here, right now! Showcasing the best stuff in Australian general aviation, we've covered a wide range of informative, interesting and enteraining material to produce a ripper of an issue. There is also some sadness; this is the issue where we have to say goodbye to one of Australia's most loved aviation journalists: Paul Phelan. Despite that patch of melancholy, there are still a lot of great things inside. Have a look at the line up.

Transavia's Baby Elephant
Kreisha Ballantyne meets up with a classic Australian aircraft, the Transavia Airtruk, and experiences first-hand what it's like to take to the sky in such an icon.

GA Twins: The Power of Two
Australian Flying presents a guide to new piston-engined twins. In a market rapidly evolving through adopted technology, new designs and construction materials continue to challenge aircraft that are still going strong 40 years after introduction.

Competitive Spirits
You can do a loop, but can you do it in front of discerning judges ready to mark you down? Paul Southwick discovers the world of competition aerobatics and finds out what it takes to complete with Australia's best.

Reach for the Sky
Stalling has become something of a focus again after CASA modified the training syllabus. Steve Hitchen put himself on the line to learn more about one of the most important sequences in the training program.

Lessons from a Logbook
Is there crying in flying? JIm Davis says there is and recounts some episodes where the waterworks played a part on the ground and in the cockpit. Who knew aviation was such an emotional game.

From Little Things
Qantas celebrates its centenary as one of the largest airlines in the world, but that wasn't always the case. Tony Self researched a time when the airline was more akin to a charter operator and pilots, not business people, dominated the board rooms.

Generation Next
They are maligned as couch-loving virtual-reality addicts, but Paul Southwick interviewed some of the next generation of aviators and found them every bit as passionate about the real thing as the generations that came before.

Plus there's all the regulars: Editorial, Airmail, News, Down to Business, Products, Rotors, Safety Matters, A Spot of Recreation, What Can We Learn, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

Don't miss this one!

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