• Australian Flying May-June 2022.
    Australian Flying May-June 2022.

Australian Flying May-June 2022 is now the issue to have in your hands. We've tested a new-model LSA, looked over the state of charter careers, investigated the apparent dearth of flying instructors and re-visited general aviation in the post-lockdowns period and a fair bit more. The front cover is a ripper image of the new WT9 Dynamic. If you haven't got this issue yet, it's high time you went out and found it. Here's the run-down.

In the Wake of the Pandemic
Angela Stevenson goes back to the general aviation community to gauge the level optimism and thoughts about the future as the pandemic continues to make itself felt.

Flight Test: WT9 Dynamic
The WT9 Dynamic is one of the great unknown LSAs in Australia. With a demonstrator of the latest version now here, the type is set to get exposure like it never has before. Steve Hitchen flew the new WT9 and found a lot to get enthusiastic about.

Collective Effort
RotorTech 2022 comes only one year after the previous event. Our staff writers examine what drives the popularity of the rotary aviation industry’s main showcase and what impact it’s having in challenging times.

Training the Trainers
As the GA industry struggles with a dearth of flying instructors, Monica Kade investigates what is drawing Grade 1s and 2s out of the ranks of instructors and the steps being mooted to correct a situation quickly becoming critical.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis looks at the problem of fast fingers in the cockpit and tells some yarns about his days as a commando officer in South Africa.

Pilots on Call
Of all the general aviation sectors impacted by COVID-19, it seems the one that fared best is the charter sector. Paul Southwick looks at the opportunities generated by increased demand and what sort of pilot is likely to be needed to bridge the gap.

Doing the Maths
Is there still a place in the modern GA cockpit for the faithful old whizz wheel? With the advent of EFBs and the proliferation of GPS, the whizz wheel’s place in general aviation is being challenged like never before. Kreisha Ballantyne reports on this endangered species.

Plus: Editorial, AirMail, News, Products, Rotors, Down to Business, Safety Matters, A Spot of Recreation, What Can We Learn?, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

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