Australian Flying May-June 2019 is now available through your newsagent and in your letterbox. This issue contains a wide variety of features that cover many aspects of the industry we love. The front cover features the new Vulcanair V1.0. Inside there is a full flight test of this very intriguing aeroplane. Here's what else is between the covers.

Avalon turns it On
Tony Self reviews the 2019 Australian International Airshow and presents the best shots from photographers John Absolon and Phil Hosking.

Turning to Glass
Converting from analogue to digital instruments is often not as straight-forward as we would like. Andrew Andersen investigates some of the things that continue to challenge pilots making the transition.

Flight Test: Vulcanair V1.0
Vulcanair has revived a 1960s design to take on the market domination of Cessna and Piper. Steve Hitchen got to fly the first example of the Vulcanair V1.0 to land in Australia.

New Beau on the Block
A French helicopter manufacturer is seducing pilots and operators across Australia and New Zealand with a sleek new two-seater. Paul Southwick reports on the rise of the Cabri G2.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis recounts some less-than-glorious moments perpetrated by pilots that probably should have known better.

Uplifting Effects
There are many devices that aircraft designers use to increase lift at critical moments. Tony Self explores the world of slots, slats, Kruger flaps and all things that alter a wing's ability to generate lift.

Towers of Tomorrow
Remote tower technology has advanced to the stage where implementation in Australia is only a few trials away. Andrew Andersen explains what it means for aviation in this country.

Beyond the Epaulettes
Kreisha Ballantyne reports on pilots who have forged successful careers in aviation without having to battle their way into an airline seat.

Plus there's Editorial, Airmail, News, Down to Business, Products, Rotors, Good Sports, A Spot of Recreation, Safety Matters, What Can We Learn and Short Final.

If you haven't seen it yet, get out there and get it now!

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