Australian Flying May-June 2018 is now out and about! Covered with a fantastic photo of a Piper Caribbean from Phil Hosking, this issue brings you information and entertainment galore! Get your hands on one soonest you can. Here's what the Contents page reveals:

Destinations: Corynnia Station
Shelley Ross and some mates hit the Outback Beds trail with a visit to Corynnia Station on the very flat Hay Plains.

Arrested Development
There’s no doubt that Light Sport Aircraft are at the pinnacle of the technology revolution, but Steve Hitchen finds out that it may not leave a lot of space for future development.

Getting out of Town
Capital city general aviation airports are becoming more expensive and often impractical for operators who have been based there for many years, but as Philip Smart found out, it’s a very complex matter to simply relocate to somewhere else.

Decrypting the Magic Smoke
Andrew Andersen takes us through the good and the bad of the current range of navigators and explains the options when it comes to making your panel ADS-B compliant.

Coming up Short
Is there or isn’t there a pilot shortage? The answer depends on who you ask. Philip Smart ventures in to the heart of the debate and tries to short the myth from the truth, and what it means for aspiring commercial pilots.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis continues on his very steep learning curve as he encounters a stroppy Trike, learns you can miss that which can’t be missed and mutinies against Bomb-doors. And somehow at the end he still has a job.

Flying High
Aero clubs in Australia have thinned out over the years, but there are still several that have not only survived, but also flourished. Tim Wakeman found out the secrets of how they keep flying high.

Bankstown to Birdsville
There’s a lot more to planning a cross-country route than arcing up your EFB and following the magenta line. Shelley Ross lays out some very valuable tips that could one day be the difference between destination and disaster.

And that's not all; there's News, Down to Business, Products, Rotors, A Spot of Recreation, Good Sports, Safety Matters (take a breath here), What Can We Learn, The Kernels of Wheatie and Short Final.

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