Australian Flying May-June 2017 has been delivered! This issue asks if Avalon 2017 was the best ever and presents some compelling evidence in the form of great photos. We also look at the state of play in recreational aviation, celebrate the 70th anniversary of Beech's venerable Bonanza and go flying in places from the driest dust to the coldest ice.We also debut for you two new columns: Down to Business with all news on business aviation and from CASA comes Safety Matters. You'll know this issue by the picture of DAHER's sexy TBM 900 SETP on the front cover.

Destinations - Wooleen Station
Shelley Ross and friends drop in to Wooleen Station in WA, and discover a remarkable fly-away destination that is well balanced between agriculture and ecology.

One of the Best
Avalon 2017 has been widely applauded as one of the best ever held. 
Steve Hitchen explains why as our photographers reveal their best work.

The State of Play
Recreational Aviation Australia has made the transition to a professional organisation that stands to benefit all sectors of aviation. Steve Hitchen investigates the new RAAus.

Airborne in the Arctic
Bankstown pilot Nick Ashley had the experience of a lifetime flying in Iceland. His story is one of challenging weather. mind-blowing scenery and tongue-twisting language.

Flying the Weather
Andrew Andersen found himself in a tricky situation as his C182 was besieged by rolling thunderstorms. He explains how the power of a good Electronic Flight Bag helped him make good decisions.

Lessons from a Logbook
Who would have the audacity to ask William T. Piper for 300 aeroplanes and not pay for them? Jim Davis tells the story of Piet's trip to the USA and of a ratbag he encountered in his time at Pretoria Light Aircraft Company.

Gone Platinum: the Bonanza Story
Seventy years after it first flew, the Beechcraft Bonanza is still going strong. We sent Paul Southwick to find out why this one airframe has had a career unmatched in longevity.

And the regulars: Editorial, Airmail, News, Down to Business, Rotors, A Spot of Recreation, Products, What Can We Learn, Good Sports, Safety Matters, The Kernels of Wheatie and Short Final


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