July-August 2024 Australian Flying is a sight for inquiring eyes. Featuring the new Cirrus G7 and in-depth interviews with aviation identities, this issue is packed with all the good stuff you love to read about. Look out for our new column Reports from the Regions penned by the RAAA, an association on the move. Go and and get it right now and make sure you're up to speed with what's going on out there. Here's the run-down on the feature list.

​Tina and Gunter Terbang
flew their Mooney from Germany to Australia and back again between mid October 2023 and mid March 2024. They tell their story to Australian Flying.

Agent of Change
Rob Walker left an executive management role at CASA last year, prompting the Regional Aviation Association of Australia to snap him up as their new CEO. Steve Hitchen sat down with him to get an idea of where the association is headed.

The Magnificent Seven
Before the release of the Cirrus SR22T G7, there was much speculation and personal wish list promotion. Paul Southwick traveled to the USA to find out what’s new in the G7.

From Childhood Wonder to Aviation Icon
Stephen Limkin sits down with aviation legend and Australian Hall of Fame inductee Bob Tait.

A Report for the Ages
Ten years ago, David Forsyth tabled the Aviation Safety Regulation Review report. It was hailed as a fix-all for the woes of aviation. Steve Hitchen went looking for answers about how the ASRR has changed CASA's approach to dealing with the aviation community.

The Amazing Avro
Ben Dannecker shares his experience of flying the Avro Cadet.

Lessons from a Logbook
Jim Davis pontificates on the importance of a pre-flight briefing.

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