Aviation goes on despite the pandemic, as shown in the July-August print edition of Australian Flying. Adorned with a dynamic shot of a taxiing PC-12, the magazine explores many general aviation themes with a special focus on the fuels of the future. Destinations is back despite border closures and we look at where you can get yourself the best flying gear around. There's a lot more than just that, so go out and get it now!

Destinations: Victor Harbor
Angela at Avalon recounts a pre-COVID visit to Victor Harbor and Goolwa and shows us what it holds in store to whet our appetites for future weekend fly-aways.

Flight Test: Pipistrel Taurus Electro
With electric power surging to the lead in the alternative fuel race, Kreisha Ballantyne ventured to Tasmania to try Australia's first Pipistrel Taurus Electro motor glider and got an experience to be remembered for a long time.

Powering Ahead
With biofuel development slipping behind, other potential fuel sources have taken priority when it comes to replacing avgas. Paul Southwick investigates the alternatives and finds out what the new areas of focus are.

Trading Places
Our staff writers have searched far and wide for the best sources of pilot supplies in Australia. From internet merchants to bricks-and-mortar shops, our guide lays out the options for getting your hands on flying things.

Lessons from a Logbook
After trying to bury an aeroplane doing night circuits in the last issue, Jim Davis finds out that night flying can be an enlightening experience when the conditions are right.

Seldom Seen Twins
There are some very interesting styles of twin-engine aeroplane that have reached the market over the years. Tony Self looks at some wonderful designs that were eclipsed by the utility of more popular aircraft.

Swinging the Right Way
One of the most dangerous things a pilot will ever have to do is hand-start an aeroplane. Once the standard method of starting, swinging a prop has been usurped over the years by starter motors. Tony Self tells us why you may one day have to throw a prop, and how to do it properly.

Plus: Editorial, Airmail, News, Down to Business, Products, Rotors, A Spot of Recreation, Safety Matters, Kreisha of Habit and Short Final.

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