The year is underway! January-February 2021 Australian Flying is now on the shelves and in the letter boxes. It's a mixed bag of all the good things about general aviation and is geared to spark optimism for 2021 after a year that was a bit of a downer. We've looked at the impact of automation, FS2020, videoing, LSAs, low-level airspace and a heap of other things. If you haven't added this one to your library, grab your face mask and head for the nearest newsagent now. Here's what you'll find beneath the great cover shot of a Carbon Cub.

Automatic for the People
Over-reliance on automated systems has become a topic of focus for the heavy commercial sector, but is GA in danger of making similar mistakes? Owen Zupp reports on the risks involved with handing over too much control to computers.

GA Aircraft Guide: Light Sport Evolution
Continuing our series on new GA aircraft, this issue we tackle the ever-changing market of the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). In this first part, our staff writers present an A-I guide of the best light two-seaters to be had from both Australia and overseas.

Aviation in Motion
Have you ever wondered how aviation video bloggers get their footage looking so slick and professional? Paul Southwick spoke to the best of the best and compiled a catalogue of wisdom to help you produce great flying videos yourself.

High Fidelity
Is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 so good it can be used for genuine VFR navigation? Steve Hitchen put the new software through the griller and compared it to the previous version and a real-life VFR flight. The results are astounding!

Lessons from a Logbook
We all love a good aviation character, but at what point does a character start becoming a cowboy? Jim Davis recalls some pilots that blurred the line with questionable examples of airmanship.

Conspicuous Presence
CASA has introduced a new rule set that allows portable units to transmit an ADS-B OUT signal that can be received by other airborne units. Is it enough to encourage VFR pilots to adopt the new technology? Steve Hitchen investigates.

Watch this Space
With drones and urban mobility vehicles on the rise, helicopters are being challenged in their traditional domain: low-level airspace. Paul Southwick took a good look at what's happening down low and reports on a changing future in the rotary sector.

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