And a Merry Christmas it will be if you're after an aviation fix to get you through the holiday season. Australian Flying January-February 2019 is here in time to solve your gift issues for that aviation-obsessed loved one. Packed with great yarns, information, news and everything else you need to keep that one special person happy, it is the perfect gift. Alternatively, keep it for yourself and get them socks. Here's the inside info.

Seating Arrangements
Do you really need four seats in your aeroplane? As life changes, so does the type of flying you do the most. Kreisha Ballantyne asks around to find out how owners match their aeroplanes to their changing needs.

Flight Test: AeroVolga Borey
Seaplane pilot Mike Smith makes good use of some down time in Russia to fly the new AeroVolga Borey LSA seaplane and is very impressed by the experience.

A Tale of Two Twins
Steve Hitchen and a team of twin-engine cavaliers take to the sky to test Cessna's venerable but veteran C310R against a revitalised B58 Baron.

A Web of Skies
Kreisha Ballantyne presents a guide to the most useful and entertaining aviation websites on the internet.

Lessons from a Logbook
In his haste to sell an aeroplane, young Jim Davis misunderstands the customer, which results in the worst landing ever ... and another bollocking from Zingi.

A Session in Camera
With the air show season in full swing, Flightpath editor Rob Fox divulges some industry secrets so you can turn out great quality aviation images when you're still on the ground.

Flying by George
Poor understanding of autopilots can lead to embarrassment, confusion and far worse. Andrew Andersen dives into the technicalities of autopilots and how to understand them better.

A Doctrine of Aged Care
As the owner of a 41-year-old aeroplane, Richard Hazeltine knows how much TLC is needed to keep them in the air and shares some personal experiences.

Plus Editorial, Airmail, News, Down to Business, Products, Rotors, A Spot of Recreation, Good Sports, Safety Matters, What Can We Learn and Short Final.

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