• AMROBA Executive Director Ken Cannane. (Steve Hitchen)
    AMROBA Executive Director Ken Cannane. (Steve Hitchen)

Ken Cannane, Executive Director of the Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Business Association (AMROBA) yesterday called for a parliamentary resolution to support regulatory change in aviation.

Following up on similar initiatives in the US congress and the European parliament, Cannane said he believed a resolution in federal parliament in Australia was needed to encourage growth in general aviation.

"Australia aviation, outside the mass transport systems of the airlines, need a vision of the future that benefits all," Cannane said.

"In 2004 the US House passed a Bill supporting the small aircraft transport system (SATS) and in 2009, the EU parliament passed a resolution to support a similar SATS."

SATS includes the use of private aircraft for personal transport under FAR Parts 91 and 135 and EU PART OPS, as well as all levels of commercial uses except the mass transport system.

The EU resolution, passed in February 2009, said in part: “general (includes private flights) and business aviation complements regular air transport performed by commercial airlines and thus provides specific social and economic benefits such as increasing the mobility of citizens, the productivity of businesses and regional cohesion.”

"Since adopting the EU Resolution, design, manufacture, maintenance, private, business and light commercial operations are growing in the EU," Cannane said.

"We need a parliamentary resolution to guide regulatory development."

AMROBA is a member of the Australian General Aviation Alliance (AGAA) and has encouraged other AGAA members to adopt a parliamentary resolution as part of the alliance agenda.

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