Tickets for the AirVenture Australia national fly-in at Parkes in September went on sale this week.

Both three-day and single-day family and adult tickets are available through the Airventure Australia website at varying prices from $15 for a one-day child pass to $130 for a three-day family ticket. .

AirVenture is on at Parkes Airport in NSW from 20-22 September this year and is run with the support of Recreational Aviation Australia.

The event runs from Friday to Sunday, with the first two days made up of exhibitions and seminars and the Sunday dedicated mostly to a four-hour flying display.

Consisting of both internal and external displays, the exhibition list looks to be one of the most comprehensive line-ups of recreational and LSA models ever gathered in Australia, with an supporting cast of several aviation accessory and software companies inside the expo marquee.

Aircraft exhibitors listed include:

  • AeroEdge
  • Autogyro Australia
  • Brumby Aircraft
  • AeroJones Aviation (CTLS)
  • Foxbat
  • Jabiru
  • Tecnam
  • TL Ultralight
  • Viper Australia
  • Vulcanair

Internally, companies like AvPlan, OzRunways, Punkin Head, Aviation Trader, BendixKing, Bose, Garmin and QBE will battle for the attention of the crowd.

The Sunday air show is scheduled to feature the Royal Australian Air Force, the Historical Aviation Restoration Society (HARS), The AirShow Company formation aerobatics team and Matt Hall Racing. According to AirVenture Australia, there are more displays on the program, which is due to be released on the internet soon.

To make it easier to attend, AirVenture has negotiated permission for pilots and passenger without Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASIC) to get access to the airport. Parkes is a security-controlled airport, which would normally require ASICs, but a special event zone has been carved out to remove AirVenture from the ASIC zone. Attendees with ASICs will still have access to all of the airport.

On-airport accommodation is available in the form of under-wing camping and a campervan/caravan area.

Pilots wanting to fly in to AirVenture Australia should read the Pilot Guide, which can be downloaded from the link below.

AirVenture Australia 2019 Pilot Guide 

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