• Aeroprakt's aero club and airstrip at Nalivaykivka to the east of Kyiv. (Google Earth image)
    Aeroprakt's aero club and airstrip at Nalivaykivka to the east of Kyiv. (Google Earth image)

Ukrainian manufacturer Aeroprakt has managed to restart production in Kyiv despite the devastation caused to the area by the Russian invasion.

The company, which manufactures the A22LS Foxbat and A32 Vixxen came under threat in the early days of the invasion, with designer and principal Yuriy Yakovlev stopping the production lines and evacuating with his family to the west of the country.

Remarkably, the Kyiv factory has come through relatively unscathed, but their airstrip at east of Kyiv has been damaged by Russian forces.

"Our aeroclub and airstrip in Nalivaykivka have been damaged," a company statement says. "Along with them, several aircraft that were located there.

"Our factory in Kyiv was not damaged. As the orcs [Russians] are pushed out of the Kyiv area, the factory has resumed its work, but for now with one-third of the pre-war capacity."

A video posted on the internet shows the state of the aero club facility with collapsed roofing spars and hangar trusses, damaged and destroyed aircraft and the wreckage of the clubs.

Aeroprakt has continued to function via the Polish branch of the company and most recently exhibited at Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany.

In the commentary of a video shot at Aero, Yakovlev expressed his hopes for the future of Aeroprakt and the Ukraine.

"After the victory of Ukraine, I plan to return and continue my work. I am sure that after the victory, general aviation will forget about new colours," he said in Ukranian.

"After joining the EU, Ukraine will quickly join EASA, which will open the market for aviation training in Ukraine for Europeans. I am also convinced that Ukraine will face economic prosperity."

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