• Australia's Nautilus Aviation was an early adopter of AAM. (Eve Air Mobility)
    Australia's Nautilus Aviation was an early adopter of AAM. (Eve Air Mobility)

The Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) will bring their advanced air mobility summit to RotorTech for the first time this year.

RotorTech, a joint event organised by the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA) and AMDA Foundation, brings Australia's helicopter and rotary aviation communities together, embracing also operators of uncrewed aerial systems such as drones.

The exhibition is scheduled for 4-6 June at Royal Pines at the Gold Coast.

"As this evolving sector of the autonomous industry continues to develop, we are learning more about how AAM will have a transformative impact on regional and urban air mobility [UAM] as well it as its applications in the fields of medicine, defence and emergency management," said AAUS Managing Director Greg Tyrrell.

"The AAM Summit will look at the challenges faced by the industry, and what is needed to make AAM a viable mode of transport in Australia."

Among the subjects AAUS expects to be covered at the summit are:

  • identifying and mapping a network of local, national, and regional industry capabilities in the sector
  • developing an AAM/UAM ecosystem in Australia
  • showcasing technologies and innovation
  • emerging AAM applications – benefits, viability and social acceptance
  • developing a local AAM sector (skills, jobs, R&D, advanced manufacturing).

AAUS has assembled a list of expert speakers, which covers the spectrum from regulatory environment and infrastructure, to market development, aircraft manufacture and operation, including:

  • Luke Gumley (Airservices Australia)
  • Andrew Moore (AMSL Aero)
  • David Rottblatt (Eve Air Mobility)
  • Scott White (Airbus)
  • Cameron Devries (Textron Systems Australia)

The summit will cover two days of RotorTech: Tuesday 4 June and Wednesday 5 June.

More information on the AAM summit and RotorTech is on the RotorTech 2024 website.

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