• GippsAero's first production Airvan 10 SETP. (Steve Hitchen)
    GippsAero's first production Airvan 10 SETP. (Steve Hitchen)

Mahindra Aerospace has made the first sale of a GippsAero Airvan 10 single-engined turbo-prop (SETP).

The aircraft was ordered in August by Botswana-based Major Blue Air, a charter and scenic flight company operating from Maun International Airport.

Major Blue Air has a fleet of 15 aircraft including C172s, C206s, Airvan 8s and Grand Caravans. The Airvan 10 will be the 16th aircraft added to the fleet since the company started in 2009.

SP Shukla, Group President - Aerospace, Defence and Steel at Mahindra said "[we are] delighted that Major Blue Air of Botswana has become our first of the FAA-certified new 10-seat turbo-prop aircraft from Mahindra Aero. Heartiest congratulations to Arvind Mehra [Mahindra Aerospace CEO], Keith Douglas [GippsAero CEO] and the Airvan team on their flying success."

The Airvan 10 is a 10-seat SETP powered by a Rolls Royce 250 motor. It is designed to slot in between the Airvan 8 and Grand Caravan, making it easier and more economical for operators to make the jump into running turbine aircraft.

It is also targetted at operators in regions where avgas supplies are not guaranteed.


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