• Box Hill Institute in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. (Google Street View)
    Box Hill Institute in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. (Google Street View)

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has revoked Box Hill Institute's approval to offer the Diploma of Aviation, according to a letter from the institute dated yesterday.

Box Hill offered the diploma with the flying component provided by Soar Aviation at Moorabbin Airport.

"Regrettably, as the result of a decision by [ASQA], Box Hill Institute (BHI) is no longer authorised to deliver the Diploma of Aviation from Thursday 30 January 2020," the letter said.

"We understand this will be disappointing for you and are urgently clarifying the ramifications of ASQA's decision for our aviation students."

The institute also said it was investigating seeking a review of the decision, but urged students not to "incur any further costs in relation to enrolled units that are scheduled to end after 29 January 2020."

Students who have been impacted by this decision can contact a BHI liaison officer on 03 9286 9159 or e-mail aviation@boxhill.edu.au.

Simultaneously, ASQA canceled the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registration for Soar Aviation.

Soar Aviation, a Part 141 school which offers CPLs on an integrated 200-hour course, operates a fleet of Foxbat, Bristell and Tecnam aircraft with Box Hill Institute as one of its main sources of students.

ASQA's decision is being seen as another blow for Soar after a string of incidents including crashes of Bristells at Stawell and Moorabbin and another incident at Drouin, Victoria, on Christmas Eve when a Bristell struck trees during a practice forced landing.

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