• A CASA Flight Operations Inspector at work. (CASA)
    A CASA Flight Operations Inspector at work. (CASA)

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will introduce a new advisory panel next month as part of a review of the regulator's consultation regime.

The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) will replace the functions of several other consultative committees and panels, after review findings concluded that CASA was limited in effectiveness by duplication and complexity.

"The ASAP will be the primary advisory body through which CASA will direct its engagement with industry and seek input on current and future regulatory and associated policy approaches," CASA Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody said.

"In addition to engagement on rulemaking, the ASAP has the latitude to engage on any issues which may impact on aviation safety or the way CASA operates.

"Agreement on the policy approach and actions to address identified issues will be achieved before work and effort are put into implementing solutions. "

Initially the sub-committees of the Standards Consultative Committee (SCC) will support ASAP with the secretariat managed by CASA’s Stakeholder Engagement Group.

Currently, CASA has several panels providing feedback, including the SCC, Director’s Advisory Panel, Airspace and Aerodrome Consultative Forum (AACF) and Regional Aviation Safety Forum (RASF).

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