Airservices Australia is to push ahead with changes to airspace architecture.

Angel Flight will proceed with legal action against CASA over the new community service flight (CSF) regulations.

First national short take-off and landing championships rated a huge success.

A second east-west runway at Melbourne International (ML) is likely to increase the pressure on Essendon's runway 08-26.

May-June 2019 Australian Flying is now ready for reading.

Sonaca Aircraft is looking to secure a chunk of the two-seat trainer market with their Sonaca 200.

Bendix King has debuted new integrated flight deck avionics at AERO 2019.

Tecnam announced this week that it has produced a certified version of the popular P2002JF LSA.

Diamond Aircraft has redesigned its DA50 large single.

CASA has presented data to the Senate RRAT committee that it says supports its claim that community services flights are a greater risk.

A lack of experience with the Northern Territory's "build-up" season contributed to the fatal crash of a C210 near Darwin.

Shadow minister tells the House of Representative on Wednesday that the government's bill to amend the Civil Aviation Act 1988 doesn't go far enough.

Australia's largest annual air show looks set to get bigger in 2019.

The Deputy Prime Minister puts forward his views on the state of aviation in Australia.

Piper Aircraft will introduce a new trainer based on the enduring PA-28 platform.

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